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    Timber Treasures offers a wide variety of woods.

    The process to order a product is...

  1. Read about the product choices on our Product Overview page.

  2. Once you have chosen a product, Note The Wood Categories available for that product.

  3. Visit The Wood Category by clicking the appropriate link below.

  4. Once you have found the wood that most interests you, Jot Down The Code for your wood choice. You will need the code information during the ordering process.

  5. NOTE: You're viewing our wood samples via the internet. Your computer's color card, the make of monitor, the monitor's contrast and brightness settings, your room's ambient light plus other factors alter your view of the wood sample. Call or write us if you have a concern.

VIEW our Exotic Woods collection.
VIEW our Dymondwood™ collection.
VIEW our Colorwood™ collection.

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